Db2 Adapter for z/OS Connect (Deprecated)

IBM® Db2® Adapter for z/OS® Connect is a service provider that connects REST (Representational State Transfer) web, mobile, and cloud applications to Db2 in the z/OS environment for service discovery and invocation.

Important: IBM Db2 Adapter for z/OS Connect has been deprecated. Although this product is still supported, it will be removed from support at a future date. The preferred solution is Db2 REST Services. Comment out this inline link until we get it to work. For information about the preferred solution, see DB2 REST services.

As the following figure shows, Db2 Adapter is integrated into the IBM Liberty Profile for z/OS Connect feature. It leverages the security capabilities of Db2 and z/OS Connect and the application development tooling support from Data Studio. The combined strengths of these products enable Db2 Adapter to provide a fast, dynamic, scalable, and secure solution for you to interact with protected Db2 assets through REST APIs in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format.

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You can use Db2 Adapter to access and manage underlying Db2 objects, such as stored procedures, through available services. In addition to Db2-supplied services, you can use the Data Studio client to create, deploy, or undeploy user-defined services. Each Db2 Adapter service has a set of corresponding REST APIs for service discovery, invocation, and management, and each Db2 REST API consists of an HTTPS URL, a REST method or verb (i.e., GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE), and related input parameters.

After a service is deployed, authorized users of web, mobile, and cloud applications can discover and invoke Db2 services through HTTPS requests in JSON. Db2 Adapter accepts the requests, converts them from JSON to the JDBC format required by Db2, transforms Db2 responses from JDBC to JSON, and communicates the JSON responses back to the requesting applications. Db2 Adapter uses the IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ as the JDBC driver to communicate and interact with Db2.