Version 3.1.7

This section includes the new features and functions included in IBM® Db2® Data Management Console v3.1.7.

Job chain support

User can now create a job chain that contains many jobs. A job chain is a series of jobs. It has most function as jobs like: schedule run, on-demand run, notification of results, timeout control, and more. One job chain must have a main job and several sub jobs with success or failure conditions. It is optional to have an end job at the end of the chain.

For more information, see Creating and updating job chain.

Improvement to data purging capability

When a connection profile is removed in the connection profile page, all the monitoring data that belongs to it is removed automatically. To delete the data of removed databases from previous versions, use the following request:
curl --location --request DELETE 'http://localhost:9080/dbapi/v4/metrics/purge' --header 'Authorization: {auth-token}'

The deletion process might take some time, and the progress of deletion can be checked in the deletedDBData.* file in the logs directory.

Enhancement to tuning

  • User can schedule to apply or apply immediately the RUNSTATS and INDEX recommendations.
  • User can perform index what-if analysis to evaluate the INDEX recommendations and design new indexes.
  • Supports email notification for the major tuning tasks.
  • User can view the runtime access plan graph for the package cache statements in the monitor package cache statement dashboard.
  • Enhanced the single query recommendation report to display the formatted SQL statement with annotation information.
  • Enhanced the tuning overview page to display the IUD counter statistics information.

Enhancement to monitoring

  • Added support for detecting duplicated monitoring between the database of the embedded unified console and Db2 Data Management Console.

    When a user adds a Db2 on Cloud, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud or Db2 for IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) connection profile in IBM Db2 Data Management Console (DMC), database monitoring is duplicated both by its embedded unified console and Db2 Data Management Console. The Db2 Data Management Console detects the double monitor status for the connection, and provides a warning flag and messages in home page.

    The detection thread runs every 1 minute. If the user disables monitoring either in the embedded console or in Db2 Data Management Console, about 1 hour later, Db2 Data Management Console removes the double monitor flag in the home page.

  • Added Index performance in Table performance page.
  • Added Index storage in Table storage page.

Improvement to RunSQL

Db2 Data Management Console now supports a beta version of SQL editor with database object tree view. When a user writes a query, the SQL editor helps to quickly find a target table, view, and other table-like objects. It can also generate DDL or get column details to help the user complete the query. The user can switch to the classic version of SQL editor when needed.

Job migration support

Supports migration of jobs from IBM Data Server Manager to Db2 Data Management Console.
  • The job definitions, schedules, chains, and email notification settings data can be migrated.
  • The job execution history dates are abandoned.
  • The migrated job types include SQL Only Script Job, DB2® CLP Script Job, and Executable/Shell Script Job.

For more information, see Migrating jobs.

Enhancement to report

  • Added Operating system time breakdown metrics in Database performance report.
  • Added the following reports:
    • Disk space usage
    • Table usage
    • Top statements

Support for bufferpools

User can now view bufferpools under Storage Object. User can also create, alter, and delete bufferpool in the console by using SQL template.

Improvement to setup process

User can now run the setup scripts to validate the prerequisites for setting up Db2 Data Management Console.

For more information, see Setup scripts.

Enhancement to dmctop

Made the following fixes and enhancements to dmctop v1.0.3.0 to improve performance and usability:
  • Setting of row limit for table views

    Users can now press the pipe command "|", which spins up a modal to set the number of rows the user wants to view. This enhancement improves the usability of tables that have large number of rows.

  • Update of all Golang dependencies

    All Golang dependencies required for dmctop to function smoothly are updated.