Version 3.1.5

This section includes the new features and functions included in IBM® Db2® Data Management Console v3.1.5.

More KPIs for reports

Monitoring reports now include the following key performance indicators (KPIs):
  • Transaction commits per minute
  • Transaction rollback per minute
  • Rows read per minute
  • Rows returned per minute
  • Rows modified per minute
  • Rows read per fetched row (rows read / rows returned)
  • Logical reads per minute
  • Direct reads per minute
  • Direct writes per minute
  • Lock wait time
  • Lock timeouts
  • Deadlocks
  • Lock escalations
  • Other wait time breakdown
  • I/O time breakdown
  • Other processing time breakdown

In addition, users can download the top 10 full SQL statements. System SQL statements are excluded from this list.

Enhancement to event monitoring

The Event monitoring profile page now includes the following enhancements:
  • Added a databases table that displays the top 20 databases based on table space usage. Expanding a connection name in the databases table displays all the event monitors that are created for these database connections.
  • Added support to configure table space. The Tablespace usage field displays the current table space usage for the event monitors on the database. In addition, users can scale the table space storage size, create a new table space, or change the table space definition for an event monitor.
  • Supports workload customization for activity and statistics event monitors. Users can view the list of relevant workloads, enable, disable, and edit the collection settings for each workload for activity and statistics event monitors.
  • Added a field, Utility types for selecting the utilities. The following utilities are available:
    • BACKUP
    • LOAD
    • REORG

Blackout support

Users can now define a blackout period for blocking a database connection or disabling some of the functions such as monitoring and alerting. The following blackout types are supported:
  • Full blackout - Disconnects databases from console.
  • Partial blackout - Pauses monitoring and alerts for databases or Pauses only alerts for databases.

In addition, the console supports migration of blackouts from Data Server Manager to Db2 Data Management Console.

Enhancement to UI

Users can now switch the UI between a dark and light theme.

Enhancement to custom (user-defined) alerts

  • Added timeout setting to stop the script after 'X' minutes of execution and to generate an alert.
  • Increased the script size of a custom (user-defined) alert.
  • Supports migration of custom alerts from Data Server Manager to Db2 Data Management Console.

Job management and scheduling

Users can now schedule an SQL job directly from the SQL editor.

Alerting and Notifications

Users can now set up an email or SNMP notification to get alerted to availability issues with the repository database.


  • Added a role (Database Administrator) in Db2 Data Management Console.
  • Supports granular access controls based on user roles (Console Administrator, Database Administrator, Database User).

Enhancement to dmctop

Made the following fixes and enhancements to dmctop v1.0.3.0 to improve performance and usability:
  • SQL text can now be exported to a file.
  • Users can now start the tool with different preference files by specifying -s <file_name> (Preference files must be placed in the same folder as .dmctoprc file).
  • Monitor the progress of table movement.
  • Fixed character set issue when PuTTY is used(Character set in PuTTY must be same as the character set on server).
  • Support for Db2 10.5.4