Monitoring utility (dmctop)

The dmctop utility is a simple text-based tool for monitoring, similar to the dsmtop. The dmctop utility can monitor Db2® version 11.1.0 and later fix packs. It is intended primarily for use on Linux® and Windows systems. Beginning with IBM® Db2 Data Management Console v3.1.5, the monitoring utility dmctop v1.0.2 is bundled with Db2 v11.5.6.

Key features

The dmctop utility is a lightweight, low-overhead tool that works in a text-only environment, such as a simple Unix command line. There is no web server and no need for a windowing environment. Monitoring is accomplished by using mon_get_xxx table functions. Views can be set to fast refresh rates to provide a real-time view of activity in the monitored database.

You can use dmctop to see key performance indicators in the same way that the db2top command worked. The dmctop utility provides:

See at a glance which connections are active, blocked, or idle. Drill down on a connection to see details of the current state of execution of SQL that is in question.
Running SQL
See a list of recently run statements. Drill down is provided to see the full SQL text or run explain on a statement.
Top Consumers
Find which connections or activities are consuming the most CPU, IO or other resource.
Time spent
Shows a breakdown of where the monitored database is spending time broken down to the full granularity provided by Db2.
pureScale® performance
See Db2 pureScale performance metrics and cache facility state.
HADR status
See primary and standby database HADR configuration state.
View federated activity for the federated database.