Generating alerts

You can configure IBM® Db2® Data Management Console to generate alerts when specific performance issues arise on your connected Db2 database.

Monitoring alerts provided by IBM Db2 Data Management Console

You can select, and in some instances configure, these alerts, from the monitoring profile of a connected database.

You can activate the use of alerts by going to Administration > Monitoring profile, selecting a profile for editing (or creating a new profile), and then selecting the Alerts settings tab.

By expanding the list on the Alerts settings tab, you can access all of the available alerts.

If applicable, you can configure the properties of specific alerts by rolling over the associated cell under the Action column and clicking the Configure alert link that appears.

A dialog-box opens, with options for setting thresholds for information, warning, and critical alert types. You can also set the number of occurrences and number of collection intervals for an alert before it is triggered.
Note: Not all alert thresholds are configurable, some alerts use fixed threshold. To trigger an alert for consecutive occurrences, you can specify the same value for both Number of occurrences and Number of collection fields.