Configuring the email server

You can configure IBM® Db2® Data Management Console to send emails for a specific job or alert notification.


To configure email:

  1. Log in to IBM Db2 Data Management Console.
  2. Click Administration and go to Settings > Email.
  3. In the Host name field, enter the host name of the email server.
  4. In the Server port field, specify the port number that is used by the email server to send notifications.
  5. Specify the sender's email address.
  6. Select the Use TLS check box to use secure communication.
  7. Select the Requires authentication check box to authenticate with the server, and enter the user name and password.
  8. Specify email addresses for test email recipients. You can use comma to separate multiple recipient email addresses.
  9. Optional: Test the email.
  10. Click Save.