Limitations and known issues

The following limitations and known issues apply to Db2® Data Management Console.

  • The Database availability widget in the Summary page might not display the correct value for availability percentage. The availability percentage is calculated based on historical data. When the repository database is not available for a certain period, the historical data for that period is lost causing the availability percentage value to deviate. As a workaround, view the database availability alert to understand whether database available or not.
  • If a database contains many tables, query ADMIN_GET_TAB_INFO runs too slow and exceeds the timeout setting (10s). As a workaround, disable the Table invalid option from alert monitoring.
  • In IBM® Db2 Data Management Console, the data server type for IBM Db2 on Cloud connection is displayed as IBM Db2. Therefore, for monitoring Db2 on Cloud databases, the console uses the default monitor that is assigned for IBM Db2.
  • For some Db2 databases, when you view the Top consumers page, the column values are empty. The following error message is displayed.
    SQL0101N The statement is too long or too complex.
    This is an issue with the statement heap size for IBM Db2. To learn more on the statement heap size and the symptom of the problem, see stmtheap - Statement heap size configuration parameter.

    As a workaround, update the heap size as follows:

    1. Determine the current value of the STMHEAP size using the following command:
      db2 => get db cfg
      SQL statement heap (4KB)                     (STMTHEAP) = 9216
    2. Increase the size of STMHEAP to a higher value by using the following command:
      db2 update db cfg for coral using stmtheap
      For example, to increase the STMHEAP to 27648, run the following command:
      db2 => update db cfg for coral using stmtheap 27648
      DB20000I  The UPDATE DATABASE CONFIGURATION command completed successfully.
      db2 => get db cfg
      SQL statement heap (4KB)                     (STMTHEAP) = 27648
  • When IBM Db2 Data Management Console is installed on a Windows system and if windows service is enabled for IBM Db2 Data Management Console, on some systems, the status of IBM Db2 Data Management Console's Windows service might not be synchronized with the actual running status of IBM Db2 Data Management Console.

    As a workaround, restart the Windows system, or use the <setup_directory>/ibm-datamgmtconsole/bin/start.bat and <setup_directory>/ibm-datamgmtconsole/bin/stop.bat scripts to control the running status of IBM Db2 Data Management Console.

  • On a Windows system, for any version of the Db2 database, if the IBM Db2 Data Management Console login password contains special characters such as "N1cetest!", the console fails to connect to the Db2 monitor database by using either grant_mondb_min.bat or verify_mondb_min.bat scripts.

    As a workaround, submit the SQL statement in double quotation marks and specify the password in single quotation marks if the password contains special characters.

  • You cannot run a block of scripts, instead you can use the command line to call and execute a block of scripts.