Resetting the default administrator password

To reset a lost password for the default administrator user ID, you must update a configuration file with an encrypted password and restart the server.

About this task

The default administrator user ID is a special user account that is created when the product is set up. This user account is not managed from the Users and Privileges page. To reset a lost password, follow the procedure below.


To reset a lost default administrator user ID password:

  1. From the command line, run the encryption tool to encrypt the new password to be assigned to the default administrator user ID.
    • Linux and UNIX: setup_directory/ibm-datamgmtconsole/dsutil/bin/ <new_password>
    • Windows: setup_directory/ibm-datamgmtconsole/dsutil/bin/crypt.bat <new_password>
    The encrypted password is printed on the screen.
  2. Open setup_directory/ibm-datamgmtconsole/config/ for editing.
  3. Update the dsweb.customauth.password parameter with the encrypted password that you created, and save the file.
  4. Restart IBM® Db2® Data Management Console by running the appropriate script for your operating system.
    • Linux and UNIX: setup_directory/ibm-datamgmtconsole/bin/
    • Windows: setup_directory/ibm-datamgmtconsole/bin/restart.bat


Wait for the service or process that is associated with IBM Db2 Data Management Console to restart, then log in to the IBM Db2 Data Management Console as the default administrator user ID with the updated password.