This section includes the new features and functions included in IBM® Db2® Data Management Console v3.1.5.1.

  • Added a history tab where users can see a single view of all job executions.
  • Support for different notification status in jobs to help the user monitor the execution results for jobs across multiple databases and schedules. Users can now select the events to receive notifications. The options are:
    • Error - Job execution returns an error.
    • Stopped - Job execution is terminated or stopped due to timeout.
    • Success - Job execution succeeds
    • Warning - Job execution succeeds with warning.
  • Support to assign profile user or profile owner privilege to a group (LDAP or repository) from the Users and privileges page.
  • Users can now customize the severity of an alert.
  • Administrators can now disable the user option of saving operation credentials from a connection profile to the repository database.
  • Improved user experience to visual explains.
  • Improved table storage metrics collection.
  • Improvements to pruning the data stored in repository database.
  • Support for running shell scripts as a job.
  • User-defined alerts now provide the option to stop execution after x minutes for shell scripts.
  • Added timeout and notification settings for Jobs and User-defined alerts.
  • Optimized the sorting order in columns.