IBM Data Server Manager (DSM) Release Notes

The Release Notes provide a list of useful topics and links to use when you install IBM® Data Server Manager (DSM).


For details about Data Server Manager Version 2.1.x, see the online documentation.

System requirements

For information about hardware and software requirements for installing the product, see the system requirements.

Setting up and configuring instructions

For instructions about how to set up and configure the product, see Setting up and configuring Data Server Manager.

Download of electronic images

If you download the electronic images of your product, follow the instructions in Downloading from Passport Advantage.

Known problems

As problems are discovered and resolved, the IBM Support team updates the online knowledge base. By searching the online support knowledge base, you can quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems that you experience.

This link opens a query of the support database for known problems and workarounds for Data Server Manager.

IBM Software Support

For contact information and guidelines or reference materials that you need when you require support, read the IBM Software Support Handbook.

Before you contact IBM Software Support, gather the background information that you need to describe your problem. When you describe a problem to an IBM software support specialist, be as specific as possible and include all relevant background information so that the specialist can help you solve the problem efficiently. To save time, know the answers to these questions:

  • What version of DSM were you running when the problem occurred? Include the build number and patches installed when you report the problem.
  • What browser type and version were you using?
  • Do you have logs, traces, or messages that are related to the problem?
  • Can you reproduce the problem? If so, what steps do you take to reproduce it?
  • Is there a workaround for the problem? If so, be prepared to describe the workaround.