ODBC wrapper library files

The ODBC wrapper library files are added to the federated server when you install the wrapper.

When you install the ODBC wrapper, three library files are added to the default directory path. For example, if the federated server is running on AIX®, the wrapper library files added to the directory path are libdb2rcodbc.a, libdb2rcodbcF.a, and libdb2rcodbcU.a. The default wrapper library file is libdb2rcodbc.a. The other wrapper library files are used internally by the ODBC wrapper.

If you do not use the default wrapper name when you register a wrapper, you must include the LIBRARY parameter in the CREATE WRAPPER statement and specify the default wrapper library file name.

The default directory paths and default wrapper library file names are listed in the following table.

Table 1. ODBC client library locations and file names
Operating system Directory path Wrapper library file
Windows %DB2PATH%\bin db2rcodbc.dll

install_path is the directory path where federation is installed on UNIX or Linux.

From Db2® Version 11.1, the default 64 bit driver install path for Linux is DB2_INSTANCE/sqllib/federation/odbc.