Each row represents a federated procedure.

Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
ROUTINESCHEMA VARCHAR (128)   Schema name of the routine if ROUTINEMODULEID is null; otherwise schema name of the module to which the routine belongs.
ROUTINENAME VARCHAR (128)   Unqualified name of the routine.
ROUTINETYPE CHAR (1)   Type of routine.
  • P = Procedure
OWNER VARCHAR (128)   Authorization ID of the owner of the routine.
  • S = The owner is the system
  • U = The owner is an individual user
SPECIFICNAME VARCHAR (128)   Name of the routine instance (might be system-generated).
ROUTINEID INTEGER   Identifier for the routine.
PARM_COUNT SMALLINT   Number of routine parameters; -1 if parameters specified as VARARGS.
  • N = Results are not deterministic (same parameters might give different results in different routine calls)
  • Y = Results are deterministic
  • E = Routine has external side-effects (therefore, the number of invocations is important)
  • N = No side-effects
SQL_DATA_ACCESS CHAR (1)   Indicates what type of SQL statements, if any, the database manager should assume is contained in the routine.
  • C = Contains SQL (simple expressions with no subqueries only)
  • M = Contains SQL statements that modify data
  • N = Does not contain SQL statements
  • R = Contains read-only SQL statements
COMMIT_ON_RETURN CHAR (1)   Indicates whether the transaction is committed on successful return from this procedure.
  • N = The unit of work is not committed
  • Y = The unit of work is committed
  • Blank = ROUTINETYPE is not 'P'
RESULT_SETS SMALLINT   Estimated maximum number of result sets.
CREATE_TIME TIMESTAMP   Time at which the routine was created.
ALTER_TIME TIMESTAMP   Time at which the routine was last altered.
QUALIFIER VARCHAR (128)   Value of the default schema at the time of object definition. Used to complete any unqualified references.
RESULT_COLS SMALLINT   For a procedure (ROUTINETYPE = 'P'), contains 0; contains 1 otherwise.
CODEPAGE SMALLINT   Routine code page, which specifies the default code page used for all character parameter types, result types, and local variables within the routine body.
LAST_REGEN_TIME TIMESTAMP   Time at which the SQL routine packed descriptor was last regenerated.
REMOTE_PROCEDURE VARCHAR (128) Y Unqualified name of the source procedure for which the federated routine was created.
REMOTE_SCHEMA VARCHAR (128) Y Schema name of the source procedure for which the federated routine was created.
SERVERNAME VARCHAR (128) Y Name of the data source that contains the source procedure for which the federated routine was created.
REMOTE_PACKAGE VARCHAR (128) Y Name of the package to which the source procedure belongs (applies only to wrappers for Oracle data sources).
REMOTE_PROCEDURE_ ALTER_TIME VARCHAR (128) Y Reserved for future use.
REMARKS VARCHAR (254) Y User-provided comments, or the null value.