SYSCAT.COLUSE catalog view

Each row represents a column that is referenced in the DIMENSIONS clause of a CREATE TABLE statement.

Table 1. SYSCAT.COLUSE Catalog View
Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
TABSCHEMA VARCHAR (128)   Schema name of the table containing the column.
TABNAME VARCHAR (128)   Unqualified name of the table containing the column.
COLNAME VARCHAR (128)   Name of the column.
DIMENSION SMALLINT   Dimension number, based on the reverse order of dimensions specified in the DIMENSIONS clause (initial position is 1). For a composite dimension, this value will be the same for each component of the dimension.
COLSEQ SMALLINT   Numeric position of the column in the dimension to which it belongs (initial position is 1). The value is 1 for the single column in a noncomposite dimension.
TYPE CHAR (1)   Type of dimension.
  • C = Clustering or multidimensional clustering
  • P = Partitioning