SYSCAT.AUDITUSE catalog view

Each row represents an audit policy that is associated with an object.

Table 1. SYSCAT.AUDITUSE Catalog View
Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
AUDITPOLICYNAME VARCHAR (128)   Name of the audit policy.
AUDITPOLICYID INTEGER   Identifier for the audit policy.
OBJECTTYPE CHAR (1)   The type of object with which this audit policy is associated.
  • S = MQT
  • T = Table
  • g = Authority
  • i = Authorization ID
  • x = Trusted context
  • Blank = Database
SUBOBJECTTYPE CHAR (1)   If OBJECTTYPE is 'i', this is the type that the authorization ID represents.
  • G = Group
  • R = Role
  • U = User
  • Blank = Not applicable
OBJECTSCHEMA VARCHAR (128)   Schema name of the object for which the audit policy is in use. OBJECTSCHEMA is null if OBJECTTYPE identifies an object to which a schema does not apply.
OBJECTNAME VARCHAR (128)   Unqualified name of the object for which this audit policy is in use.
AUDITEXCEPTIONENABLED CHAR (1)   Reserved for future use.