CREATE NICKNAME statement - Examples for the Informix wrapper

Use the CREATE NICKNAME statement to register a nickname for an Informix® table, view, or synonym that you want to access. This topic includes a complete example with the required parameters.

Complete example

CREATE NICKNAME JPSALES FOR asia."vinnie"."japan" ;
A unique nickname that is used to identify the Informix table, view, or synonym.
Important: The nickname is a two-part name—the schema and the nickname. If you omit the schema when you register the nickname, the schema of the nickname will be the authorization ID of the user who registers the nickname.
A three-part identifier for the remote object:
  • asia is the server definition name that you assigned to the Informix database server in the CREATE SERVER statement.
  • vinnie is the name of the owner to which the table, view, or synonym belongs unless the database is ANSI-compliant. In an ANSI-compliant database, it is the schema name.
  • japan is the name of the remote table, view, or synonym that you want to access.

The federated server folds the names of the Informix schemas and tables to uppercase unless you enclose the names in quotation marks.