The END DECLARE SECTION statement marks the end of a host variable declare section.


This statement can only be embedded in an application program. It is not an executable statement. It must not be specified in REXX.


None required.


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The END DECLARE SECTION statement can be coded in the application program wherever declarations can appear according to the rules of the host language. It indicates the end of a host variable declaration section. A host variable section starts with a BEGIN DECLARE SECTION statement.

The BEGIN DECLARE SECTION and the END DECLARE SECTION statements must be paired and may not be nested.

Host variable declarations can be specified by using the SQL INCLUDE statement. Otherwise, a host variable declaration section must not contain any statements other than host variable declarations.

Host variables referenced in SQL statements must be declared in a host variable declare section in all host languages, other than REXX. Furthermore, the declaration of each variable must appear before the first reference to the variable.

Variables declared outside a declare section should not have the same name as variables declared within a declare section.