How to run Db2 Big SQL queries

You can run Db2® Big SQL queries from a command line interface, the Db2 Big SQL console, and from client applications that use JDBC or ODBC drivers.

You can use the Db2 Big SQL server with several interfaces that support prototype and exploratory work.
Command line interface
The command line interface is accessed through the Java SQL Shell (JSqsh), which you can start from a UNIX shell.
This interface is a generic JDBC client. You can use JSqsh with any data source for which a JDBC driver is available.
Db2 Big SQL console
The Db2 Big SQL console helps you to administer, monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of your IBM Db2 Big SQL environment. Use the SQL editor to create and run SQL statements. Editor features such as syntax highlighting, content assist, query parsing, and validation as-you-type are available to help you complete your statements.
Client applications
You can run Db2 Big SQL queries from many open source spreadsheet applications. Db2 Big SQL provides connectivity for some applications through either a 32-bit or a 64-bit ODBC driver, on either Linux® or Windows, that conforms to the Microsoft Open Database Connectivity 3.0.0 specification.
You can also configure a Zeppelin notebook to access, manipulate, and visualize data through Db2 Big SQL queries. For more information, see Apache Zeppelin notebooks.