Connecting to the Db2 Big SQL server

Db2 Big SQL queries are run by the Db2 Big SQL server on your cluster against data in your cluster. To run Db2 Big SQL queries, your environment must be associated with a Db2 Big SQL server that is part of the Db2 Big SQL service.

About this task

You can run Db2 Big SQL queries from Java SQL Shell (JSqsh), or from the Db2 Big SQL console. You can also run queries from a client application, such as IBM Data Studio, that uses JDBC or ODBC drivers. You must identify a running Db2 Big SQL server and configure either a JDBC or ODBC driver.

For more information about JSqsh, or IBM Data Studio, see the related topics in the Db2 Big SQL Knowledge Center.


  1. Define the appropriate driver connections for the JSqsh environment, by connecting to the JDBC driver. . You can use any client application that uses a JDBC or ODBC driver. To download the Db2 Big SQL ODBC and JDBC drivers, see JDBC and ODBC drivers.
  2. Connecting to a Db2 Big SQL server.