Registering the Informix wrapper

You must register a wrapper to access Informix® data sources. Wrappers are used by federated servers to communicate with and retrieve data from data sources. Wrappers are implemented as a set of library files.


Issue the CREATE WRAPPER statement and specify the default name for the Informix wrapper.
For example:
Recommendation: Use the default wrapper name. The default wrapper name for Informix is INFORMIX. When you register the wrapper by using the default name, the federated server automatically uses the appropriate Informix wrapper library for the operating system that your federated server is running on.

If the default wrapper name conflicts with an existing wrapper name in the federated database, you can substitute the default wrapper name with a name that you choose. When you use a name that is different from the default name, you must include the LIBRARY parameter in the CREATE WRAPPER statement.

For example, to register a wrapper with the name informix_wrapper on a federated server that uses the AIX® operating system, issue the following statement:
CREATE WRAPPER informix_wrapper LIBRARY 'libdb2informix.a';
The name of the wrapper library file that you specify depends on the operating system of the federated server. See the list of Informix wrapper library files for the correct library name to specify in the CREATE WRAPPER statement.