Testing HDFS data source server

After you successfully register a nickname for a parquet file, you can test querying data from the remote parquet files.


Issue the SELECT * FROM NICKNAME statement from the command line.
If the SELECT statement returns a count, your server definition and your user mapping are set up properly.
For example:
If successful, you will receive a similar result as follows:
ID          NAME                             SCORE                 
----------- -------------------------------- ------------------------
          6 Jenette Flanders                   +3.73228545916610E+001
          2 Corliss Zuk                        +6.70307709606500E+001
          7 Salena Olmos                       +9.03782650915718E+001
          8 Daphne Zheng                       +2.21358371286263E+001
          9 Sanda Ryba                         +9.70050995365469E+001