Connecting to a Db2 Big SQL server

To run Db2 Big SQL queries, you must first connect to an Db2 Big SQL server.

About this task

You can use any client that uses JDBC drivers to define a connection to the Db2 Big SQL server. These examples reference IBM Data Studio. Be aware that the interface and menu examples might be different in your environment.


  1. From the Data Studio environment, click Window > Open Perspective > Other > Database Development.
  2. From the Data Source Explorer view, expand the Database Connections folder.
  3. Right-click the Db2 Big SQL connection, which has the name that you defined when you created the driver definition, such as Db2 Big SQL. Select Properties.
    1. If you are using IBM Data Studio, click Driver Properties to verify the host name and other connection information.
  4. Click Test Connection to make sure that you have a valid connection to the Db2 Big SQL server. If you have a valid connection, click OK. If you do not have a connection, follow these steps:
    From IBM Data Studio
    1. From the Data Source Explorer view, right-click the Database Connections directory, and click New.
    2. In the Connection Parameters window, clear the Use default naming check box.
    3. Type a meaningful name in the Connection Name field, such as myBigSQL.
    4. In the Select a database manager menu, click Big SQL.
    5. Select the driver in the JDBC driver field. Click the edit button to modify the JDBC drivers.
    6. Complete the Properties fields:
      • Database - bigsql
      • Host -
      • Port - 32051
      • User name - bigsql
      • Password - bigsql
    7. Select the Save password check box to save the password for the Db2 Big SQL server login.
    8. The Connection URL field displays the generated URL, for example,
    9. Click Test Connection to ping the server and to verify that the connection profile is working.
    10. Click Finish to create the connection profile.