SQLJ routine options for Linux and UNIX

The bldsqljs build script builds SQLJ routines on the Linux® and UNIX operating systems. bldsqljs specifies a set of SQLJ translator and customizer options.

Recommendation: Use the same SQLJ translator and customizer options that bldsqljs uses when you build your SQLJ routines on the Linux and UNIX platforms.

The options that bldsqljs includes are:
The SQLJ translator (also compiles the program).
The SQLJ source file. The progname=${1%.sqlj} command removes the extension if it was included in the input file name, so when the extension is added back again, it is not duplicated.
The SQLJ profile customizer.
Specifies a JDBC URL for establishing a database connection, such as jdbc:db2://servername:50000/sample.
Specifies a user ID.
Specifies a password.
Specifies a serialized profile for the program.