Portability of routines

Routine portability refers to the ease with which a routine can be deployed. Portability comprises such factors as operating system compatibility, runtime environment compatibility, software compatibility, invocation interface compatibility as well as other routine implementation factors such as compatibility of support for the SQL statements executed within a routine.

Routine portability is essential if the environment to which you will deploy a routine is not identical to the environment in which the routine was developed. In general routines are highly portable between operating systems and even between the various database products and editions. It is a good idea to consider the potential portability problems before you begin developing routines so that you minimize the likelihood of rework later.

The following topics include information related to factors that can limit the portability of routines:
  • Supported database product editions
  • Supported development and compiler software
  • SQL statements that can be executed in routines
  • Restrictions on routines
  • Deploying routines