Altering or dropping federated procedures

You can modify an existing federated procedure by changing the data type of one or more parameters of the federated procedure.

Before you begin

The authorization ID for the DROP PROCEDURE statement must have one of the following authorities:
  • SYSADM or DBADM authority
  • DROPIN privilege on the schema for the federated procedure
  • Definer of the procedure as recorded in the DEFINER column of the catalog view for the federated procedure
  • CONTROL privilege on the federated procedure

About this task

In addition to changing the data type of a parameter, you might need to make other changes to a federated procedure. For example, you might need to change a federated procedure if the remote procedure changes. In this case, you cannot directly modify the federated procedure. You must first drop the procedure and then recreate the procedure with the new settings. Otherwise, you must replace the existing procedure by using the CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE statement.

When you drop a federated procedure, the procedure is deleted from the system catalog on the federated database, but the data source procedure is not affected. Keep in mind that when you drop a federated procedure, applications that are dependent on the dropped procedures may be adversely affected.

You can use the command line to drop a federated procedure.


Issue the DROP statement to drop a federated procedure.
For example:
DROP PROCEDURE federated_procedure_name