Restrictions for importing data into nicknames

There are restrictions on using the IMPORT command to import data into a nickname.

The following restrictions apply when you use the IMPORT command to import data into a nickname:
  • The remote object on which the nickname is defined must be a table. You cannot import data into a nickname that is defined on a view or synonym.
  • The supported file types are IXF, ASC and DEL.
  • The ALLOW WRITE ACCESS clause must be specified. This clause invokes the online import mode. The ALLOW WRITE ACCESS clause allows concurrent applications both read and write access to the import target table.
  • You cannot use the COMMITCOUNT AUTOMATIC mode with nicknames.
  • The COMMITCOUNT n must be specified with n being a valid, nonzero number.
  • Only the INSERT and INSERT_UPDATE operations are supported with nicknames.
  • The column types that are not supported with nicknames are LOBs and generated columns. To import LOB data to a remote table, the corresponding nickname column must be a VARCHAR data type.
  • The following filetype modifiers are not supported with nicknames:
  • Hierarchy (typed table) is not supported with nicknames.
If you submit an IMPORT command that does not adhere to these restrictions, the SQL error code -27999N is returned. For example:
SQL27999N The requested IMPORT operation into a remote target (nickname) cannot be 
 performed.  Reason code = "reason_code"