Enabling intrapartition parallelism with queries that reference nicknames

For queries that reference local tables and nicknames in a multiprocessor environment, you can enable intrapartition parallelism. The federated server can then process the local tables in parallel.

About this task


The federated system can process only the portion of a query that references local tables in parallel. The coordinator partition processes all operations on the remote portion of a query in serial.


To enable intrapartition parallelism:


  1. Set the INTRA_PARALLEL database configuration parameter to YES.
  2. Set the MAX_QUERYDEGREE database configuration parameter to a value greater than 1.
  3. Set the DFT_DEGREE database configuration parameter to a value greater than 1, or set the special register CURRENT DEGREE.
    If you set the DFT_DEGREE parameter to ANY, the default level of intrapartition parallelism equals the number of processors on the computer.