Altering nickname column names

You can alter a nickname to change the column names.

Before you begin

The authorization ID issuing the statement must include at least one of the following privileges:
  • SYSADM or DBADM authority
  • ALTER privilege on the nickname specified in the statement
  • CONTROL privilege on the nickname specified in the statement
  • ALTERIN privilege on the schema, if the schema name of the nickname exists
  • Definer of the nickname as recorded in the DEFINER column of the catalog view for the nickname

About this task

When you create a nickname, the column names that are associated with the data source object are stored in the federated database. For some data sources, the wrapper specifies the column names. For other data sources, you must specify the column names when you create the nickname.


See Restrictions on altering nicknames.


To alter nickname column names from the command line, issue the ALTER NICKNAME statement.
   ALTER COLUMN current_name 
   LOCAL NAME new_name