Database error during Upgrade phase when applying a patch

When you are applying a Db2® Big SQL patch, a database error occurs during the Upgrade phase.


The $BIGSQL_DIST_VAR/logs/upgrade.log file indicates a problem with updating the database:
MESSAGE: Starting database manager failed.


The Db2 license was not updated.

Diagnosing the problem

On a Db2 Big SQL node, run the following command to apply the license manually.
db2licm -a /usr/ibmpacks/IBM-Big_SQL/

The following error appears:

LIC1416N The license could not be added automatically. Return code: "-100".

Resolving the problem

Reboot the node, and apply the license again. If the problem still occurs, you can try other solutions. For more information, see the Db2 document LIC1416N rc=-100 when applying license for DB2.