Hive automatic catalog synching to Db2 Big SQL not working

Files for metadata changes in Hive are read from a directory on the HDFS. This directory is scanned every minute for JSON files containing metadata events, and these events are synchronized between the Db2 Big SQL catalog and the Hive catalog.


Hive automatic catalog synching to Db2 Big SQL is enabled but no events are processed.


The process that operates on these files is a Db2 Big SQL procedure that is invoked by the Big SQL ATS scheduler. This invocation might not be enabled.

Resolving the problem

Verify that this invocation is enabled on the Db2 Big SQL host by checking the registry settings, as shown in the following example:
$ db2set | grep ATS

After this invocation is enabled, you can check for actuals invocations of the procedure by running the following command:
db2 "select * from systools.admin_task_status where name like 'Sync%'"
There should be one invocation per minute.