HBase tables

Db2® Big SQL supports creating or working with tables in HBase.

To create a Db2 Big SQL table with data that is stored in HBase, use the CREATE TABLE (HBASE) statement.

If you have HBase tables with indexes that were created previously, you must drop your indexes before you use those HBase tables in the most current version of Db2 Big SQL. Use the following command:
DROP INDEX myIndex1 ON mytable1;
Then create your indexes again.


The following statements relating to INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE are not supported in HBase:
  • Positioned UPDATE or DELETE. Or, an UPDATE or DELETE WHERE CURRENT OF cursor-name, where the target table is an HBase table. You cannot declare a cursor that can be updated or deleted when the outer fullselect includes a reference to an HBase table.
  • A SELECT...FOR UPDATE when the target table is an HBase table.
  • A MERGE statement when the target table is an HBase table.
  • INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements are not supported on views (or equivalent fullselects) that reference an HBase table.