How to monitor the progress of LOAD HADOOP

You can monitor the progress of the LOAD statement in several ways.

When you run a LOAD statement, that action starts a MapReduce job that is managed by YARN as an application. You can monitor the progress of a LOAD in the YARN All Applications web page. The following address is the default URL for the All Applications page:
where yarn-server is the node where the YARN App Server is installed.

The All Applications page shows all of the applications that are managed by YARN. The page contains a mix of different application types. LOAD jobs have a name that starts with LOAD..., and then contain an Application Type of MAPREDUCE. The State, Final Status, and Progress columns display at a high level the current progress of the application. Select the ID link for a specific application to show the Application page with details.

When LOAD is running, the Application page shows the number of YARN containers that are being used by the application, and on which nodes they are running. Select an Attempt ID to see additional details about the application containers that are allocated for the specific application. Use this Attempt ID link to see if a LOAD is waiting on the availability of application containers to proceed.

Select the Scheduler link to see the overall YARN resource utilization. You can see all of the applications that are currently running or waiting to run. You can also see the utilization of YARN application containers and memory. Use this Scheduler link to determine if the current workload is able to get YARN resources that are needed to continue.

Select the Kill Application link on the Application page to kill an application.

When LOAD completes, you can see details about the finished YARN application. Select the History link on the Application page to open the Job History page. You can access MapReduce job logs from this location.