Working with remote XML data

Federation supports the remote XML data type that gives you the ability to access and manipulate XML data in a database.

The federated system adheres to the same XML semantics as the database system. The native XML data store provides the ability to store and access XML documents stored in hierarchical form as a column of a relational table. You define the XML column with the XML data type.

You can create a relational nickname over a remote table or view that contains the XML data type. You can also use the XML wrapper to create a non-relational nickname over an XML document.

You can then use the nickname in the XQuery and SQL languages. The XQuery language is the primary mechanism for querying XML documents. You can use SQL to perform basic operations such as selecting XML columns and inserting, updating, or deleting XML data. You can also integrate SQL and XQuery to create queries for both existing relational data and XML data by using SQL/XML functions and predicates and XQuery functions.