Federated updates with application savepoints

Application savepoints in a federated system help you control the work that is performed by a subset of SQL statements in a transaction.

You can use multiple savepoints within a single transaction. A subset of SQL statements that is grouped under a savepoint can be treated as a unit. You can logically divide a transaction into a single level or into nested levels of savepoint units.

After a savepoint is set within your application, you can later release the savepoint or roll back the work that is performed since you set the savepoint. For example, if an individual SQL statement within a savepoint fails, the unit as a whole remains intact. You can either:
  • Undo all of the SQL statements that ran within the savepoint by rolling back to the savepoint.
  • Release the savepoint when you no longer need the system to maintain the savepoint.

You can perform federated updates with application savepoints operations on a database.