Db2 Big SQL console dashboard widgets are not loading

Dashboard widgets do not show any charts in the Db2® Big SQL console.


In each widget, the following error message appears.
Oops! Data cannot be loaded.

The following error message appears in the log file.

MonitorCollectorRunnable::collectAndPersist dbconn_int = 1 monitorType = TablePerformance
monitor (133) <timestamp> ERROR Mymon MonitorCollectorRunnable::run: Monitor collector TablePerformance failed.
Error updating database. Cause: com.ibm.db2.jcc.am.SqlSyntaxErrorException: "IBMCONSOLE.tableperformance" is an undefined name.. SQLCODE=-204, SQLSTATE=42704, DRIVER=4.24.92


Db2 Big SQL console tables are missing from the backend database.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem, do the following steps.
  1. In Cloudera Manager, stop the Db2 Big SQL console.
  2. In a command-line interface, configure the backend database with the Db2 Big SQL console monitoring tables by running the /usr/ibmpacks/bigsql-uc/ script.

    You must run the script as the Db2 Big SQL console user (the default user is conuser). Specify the username and group name of the Db2 Big SQL console user, and Db2 Big SQL console port number. For example,

    ./ucPostInstall.sh -httpPort 11080 -UCUser consuser -UCGroup console
  3. In Cloudera Manager, restart the Db2 Big SQL console.