Restrictions on the remote XML data type

Federated systems impose some restrictions on the remote XML data type.

You can only use the remote XML data type with the DB2® for Linux®, UNIX, and Windows data source and the XML wrapper.

You cannot perform the following SQL operations:
  • Alter the XML data type for a nickname, which results in error SQL0270N
  • Create a federated index SPECIFICATION ONLY with the xml-index-specification clause, which results in error SQL0104N
  • Define a federated stored procedure with the XML data type, which results in error SQL1254N
  • Create a type mapping between the XML data type and another data type, which results in error SQL0604N
The following restrictions apply to XML columns for the XML wrapper:
  • You cannot specify any column options for an XML column.
  • Only the root nickname can contain a single XML column that references the entire contents of an XML document.
  • Each root nickname must correspond to a single XML document.
  • Child nicknames, nickname XPath options, and nickname namespaces options are not relevant.