Module 2: Creating and running SQL script files

In this module, you will explore some of the basic Db2® Big SQL queries and begin to understand the Sample Outdoor Company data.

Now that you have loaded the data from the Sample Outdoor Company, you are ready to explore the sales figures and product activity. This module teaches you some of the basic Db2 Big SQL statements, how to create Db2 Big SQL objects, and how to run queries.

Learning objectives

After completing the lessons in this module, you will know how to complete the following tasks:
  • Run queries from the JSqsh command-line interface.
  • Create scripts to run Db2 Big SQL statements.
  • Create a view.
  • Create queries that help you to analyze financial data from the Sample Outdoor Company.

Time required

This module should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.


You must complete the tasks to set up your environment.