Creating sample cache tables

You can use a sample to set up distributed caching.

Before you begin

  • Set the FEDERATED parameter to YES on the federated server. The FEDERATED parameter is a database manager configuration parameter.
  • To access Informix® data sources, install and configure the Informix Client software development kit (SDK) in the federated server.
  • To cache data from Db2® tables, configure the Db2 database for archive logging.
  • The federated database or the source database must be on the computer from which you are creating the cache tables. If the federated database or the source database are not local, you must catalog the databases on the local computer. The alias name that you use when you catalog the database must be the same name as the database name.
  • The user ID in the user mapping between the databases must have the authority to create tables in the source database.

About this task

The sample provides command scripts that you can use to perform the following tasks:
  • Enable federation and create federated objects in the cache database.
  • Create one or more materialized query tables (MQTs) to participate in caching.
  • Set up replication to keep cache tables updated.


Follow the instructions in the readme file to run the commands in the sample.