Backing up and removing Data Server Manager

Use this information to back up and remove Data Server Manager (DSM) from your system as part of a Db2® Big SQL 5.0.4 upgrade.

About this task

As part of the removal process, create a backup of the DSM database. You can then restore the database if you later install the Db2 Big SQL console.


  1. In Ambari, stop the DSM service.
  2. In a terminal window, create a backup of the DSM database by running the following command:
    cp -ar /usr/ibmpacks/IBM-DSM/ /tmp
  3. In Ambari, select Services > DSM, then select Service Actions > Turn On Maintenance Mode to put DSM into Maintenance mode.
  4. Run the DSM Cleanup script:
    /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/extensions/IBM-Big_SQL/ -u <ambari_user> -p <ambari_password> -x <ambari_port> -D <node where DSM is installed> -r
  5. Delete the DSM service from Ambari.