Setting up and testing the Sybase client configuration file (UNIX)

The Sybase client configuration file is used to connect to Sybase databases, by using the client libraries that are installed on the federated server.

Before you begin

The Sybase client software must be installed on the federated server.

About this task

The client configuration file specifies the location of each Sybase SQL Server and Adaptive Server Enterprise instance and the type of connection (protocol) for the database server.

You must set up a client configuration file on each instance in the federated server that will be used to connect to Sybase.


  1. Set up the client configuration file by using the utility that comes with the Sybase Open Client software.

    The client configuration file is created in the $SYBASE directory. The default name of the file is interfaces. See the Sybase documentation for more information about using this utility.

  2. Test the connection to ensure that the Sybase Open Client software is able to connect to the Sybase server.

    Use an appropriate Sybase query utility, such as isql, to test the connection.

    For example, if the Sybase Open Client software is installed in the directory path, /opt/djxclient/sybase/V125, you can issue the following command from a UNIX prompt:
     cd /opt/djxclient/sybase/V125/OCS-12_5
     isql -Ssybnode -Umary 
    Alternatively, you can issue the following command from a UNIX prompt:
    $SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/bin/isql -Ssybnode -Umary
    Specifying the path to the interfaces file
    Note: If you would like to use an interfaces file other than the default file, use the IFILE server option to specify the path. The Sybase wrapper searches for the interfaces file in the following places, in the order specified:
    1. IFILE server option
    2. sqllib/interfaces
    3. $SYBASE/interfaces

What to do next

After you complete this task, you can set the environment variables.