Db2 Big SQL use case: EDW optimization

A key use case for Db2 Big SQL is to perform enterprise data warehouse (EDW) optimization.

Db2 Big SQL helps to reduce the migration effort and skill set gap that enterprises face with EDW optimization; you can use your existing Oracle, Db2, and Netezza technology skills. With Db2 Big SQL, you can migrate your existing applications without major code rewrites and additional SQL development.

You can realize cost savings in your EDW system more quickly with Db2 Big SQL:

EDW optimization use case
Archive data away from your EDW
  • Move cold or rarely used data to Hadoop as an active archive
  • Store more of your data longer
Offload costly extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes
  • Free your EDW to perform high-value functions like analytics and operations rather than ETL
  • Use Hadoop for advanced ETL
Optimize the value of your EDW
  • Use Hadoop to refine new data sources such as web and machine data for new analytical context
  • Access old data in a traditional relational database management system (RDBMS) with Db2 Big SQL federation
  • Combine data in different silos without duplication
Exploit Spark to use the latest technologies
  • Bring in data from NoSQL databases and other non-traditional sources
  • Leverage granular security defined in Db2 Big SQL
Reduce the migration effort and skill-set gap
  • Use existing knowledge of Oracle, Db2, and Netezza
  • Migrate applications without major code rewrites and additional SQL development