Preparing the federated server to access data sources through JDBC

JDBC data sources are categorized as Type-1 and Type-2 based on the requirement to download the JDBC driver by the user.

Before you begin

If you use a JDBC data source of Type-1, you must download the JDBC driver. If you use a JDBC data source of Type-2, you need not download the JDBC driver. The following table provides the list of JDBC data sources and its category.
Data source Type Optimized Quick Start
Amazon Athena Type 1 Y Athena
Amazon Redshift Type 2 Y RedShift
Apache Derby Type 1 Y Apache Derby
Apache Hive Type 2 Y Apache Hive
Apache Spark SQL Type 2 Y Apache Spark
Autonomous Restful Service Type 2 Y  
Db2® Type 2 Y Db2
Db2 for z/OS® Type 2 Y Db2 for z/OS
DVM server Type 1 Y DVM server
Google BigQuery Type 2 Y BigQuery
IBM PureData® System for Analytics (formerly Netezza®) Type 1 Y Netezza
MariaDB Type 1 Y MariaDB
Microsoft SQL server Type 2 Y Microsoft SQL server
Oracle Type 2 Y Oracle
Pivotal Greenplum Type 2 Y Greenplum
PostgreSQL Type 2 Y PostgreSQL
Salesforce Type 2 Y Salesforce
Teradata Type 1 Y Teradata
Note: In the Optimized column, "Y" indicates that the JDBC wrapper is optimized to access these data sources. Data type mapping is optimized to keep the data precise; function mapping and server attributes are optimized to improve the performance with better SQL pushdown. "N" indicates that you can also use federation to access these data sources and perform basic operations, such as querying remote data through JDBC drivers, as long as the required JDBC driver complies with the JDBC standard. However, because the JDBC wrapper is not optimized, there could be some data types and functions that are not supported correctly, and performance is not expected to be as good as performance with optimized data sources.

Files that are stored in Amazon S3 are supported in federation by specifying their path with the LOCATION parameter on the CREATE TABLE statement in Amazon Athena, and then accessing these files through the Amazon Athena data source.


Prepare the federated server to access data sources according to the type of JDBC data source.