Disabling Kerberos client authentication

It may be required to reconfigure the Db2® Big SQL service to disable Kerberos client authentication. Alternatively, if it is desired to de-Kerberize the cluster, then before disabling Kerberos on the cluster, the Db2 Big SQL service must be reconfigured to revert authentication to the default of SERVER_ENCRYPT.


To disable Kerberos client authentication:

  1. Connect to the Db2 Big SQL head node as the bigsql user and issue the following commands:
    db2 attach to bigsql
    db2 update dbm cfg using AUTHENTICATION SERVER_ENCRYPT
    db2 update dbm cfg using CLNT_KRB_PLUGIN NULL
    db2 detach
  2. Restart the Db2 Big SQL service.

What to do next

You can now proceed with de-Kerberizing the cluster.