Optional: Installing Data Server Manager on HDP

To extend the power of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), install and deploy Data Server Manager (DSM), which is the IBM® integrated database management tools platform for Db2® Big SQL.

Before you begin

Make sure that you do the prerequisite steps listed in Requirements for installing Db2 Big SQL.

For the Db2 Big SQL monitoring and editing tool, you can assign DSM to a different node from the Hive metastore.
Tip: If you install Db2 Big SQL before you install the DSM service, you will not see DSM in any selections.


  1. Log into Ambari.
  2. In the Ambari web interface, click Actions > Add Service.
  3. In the Add Service Wizard, Choose Services, select the DSM service. Click Next.
  4. In the Assign Masters page, decide which node of your cluster you want to run the specified Data Server Manager master.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In the Assign Slaves and Clients page, all of the defaults are automatically accepted and the next page appears automatically. Since the Data Server Manager service does not have any slaves or clients, the Assign Slaves and Clients page is immediately skipped during the installation.
  7. In the Customize Services page, accept the recommended configurations for the Data Server Manager service, or customize the configuration by modifying the values. Make sure that you enter the following information in the Advanced dsm-config section:
    dsm_admin_user field
    Type a valid Knox user that will become the administrator for Data Server Manager.

    The Knox user is defined in the LDIF section for the Knox Demo LDAP server, or the Knox user is a valid LDAP/AD user if Knox is integrated with an external LDAP/AD server.

  8. If you want to change the default UID for the Db2 Big SQL - Data Server Manager service account, in the Customize Services page, navigate to the Service Accounts details in the Misc tab. Modify the DSM User service account's UID for Ambari to create the user with the desired UID.
  9. Click Next.
  10. You can review your selections in the Review page before accepting them. If you want to modify any values, click the Back button. If you are satisfied with your setup, click Deploy.
  11. In the Install, Start and Test page, the Data Server Manager service is installed and verified. If you have multiple nodes, you can see the progress on each node. When the installation is complete, either view the errors or warnings by clicking the link, or click Next to see a summary and then the new service is added to the list of services.
  12. Click Complete.

    If the DSM service fails to install successfully, you must fully remove DSM before you try to install it again. For more information, see Uninstalling Db2 Big SQL on HDP.

  13. Enable Knox.
  14. Set up DSM to use the Knox Gateway by running the command:
    /usr/ibmpacks/IBM-Big_SQL/ -u <ambari login username> -p <ambari login password>
  15. You can launch the DSM service by either using the quick link in the Ambari web UI, or by typing the following address in your web browser:
    The host where Knox is installed and running
    The port where Knox is listening (by default this is 8443)
    The value entered in the gateway.path field in the Knox configuration (by default this is 'gateway')
    For example, the URL might look like the following address:

    When you are prompted by Knox, enter a valid Knox user name and password.

What to do next

For information about using DSM, see Monitoring Db2 Big SQL on HDP.