JDBC driver

After the JDBC driver location is determined, you must configure the driver.

The IBM Data Server driver file is located within your Java™ class path. This driver package contains these two JAR files:

See the detailed system requirements document to obtain the most current information about the platforms and versions that are supported by the JDBC driver. Place the full path to the JAR files in your CLASSPATH environment variable or specify the path to the file in the class path argument that is provided to the JVM.
Use the following class to use the JDBC Driver Manager:
The Db2 Big SQL JDBC driver URL syntax is as follows:
jdbc:db2://host[:50001][/schema][:name=value[;name=value ...]] 
The host on which the Db2 Big SQL server is running.
The port on which the Db2 Big SQL server is listening. The default port is 51000.
The default schema for the connection. The default schema is your user name.
name = value pairs
A series of name = value pairs that can provide more configuration information.
The following properties can be specified as part of the JDBC URL as the name-value pairs or they can be provided to the DriverManager.getConnection() method by setting the properties that are shown in the following table:
Table 1. Properties, values, and description of the JDBC driver
Property name Default value Description
DBNAME default Specifies the default schema in which the connection is established and provides compatibility with the Hive JDBC driver. If both a DBNAME and a default schema name are specified in the JDBC URL, the DBNAME takes precedence.
HOST localhost Specifies the host name to use for the connection. If a HOST is not provided, the host name from the JDBC URL is used.
PORT 51000 Provides the port on which to connect. If a PORT is not provided, the port in the JDBC URL is used. If both are provided, the property PORT takes precedence.
USER null Specifies the user name with which to connect to the driver.
PASSWORD null Specifies the password with which to connect to the driver.
SSL false If this property is set to true, then an SSL (secure) connection is established to the Db2 Big SQL server. To use this property, the server must be configured with SSL support enabled.