Order a data product

On Data Product Exchange, you can review and order data products for your business needs. You can view your orders on My orders.

Order a data product

Required roles
Collaborator roles: Viewer, Editor, or Admin

If you are ready to order a data product, you can order directly from the home page by clicking Order this product from the product tile. If you need more information to help you decide, click the product tile to review the product details.

Data consumer workflow in Data Product Exchange

Review the contents and contract

The product details provide crucial information about a data product to help you decide whether it is appropriate for your needs.

  1. Click the tile to review the following product details:
  • Domain and publisher:
    • The business domain that was assigned by the publisher.
    • The publisher's name, the version number, and the published date
  • Data product contents:
    • Provides a brief description of the item and its origin.
  • Recommended usage:
    • Provides the primary business domain.
    • Provides a description for an example application of the data product.
  • Data contract
    • Provides the terms and conditions for using the data product, which can be obtained either from a URL or from an uploaded PDF file.

Order the data product and agree to the terms and conditions

Review the product details, and then follow these steps to complete the order:

  1. Click Order this product.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions that are listed on the data contract.
  3. Review the delivery method for each asset in the data product. For example, for a URL, the delivery method is Open URL.
  4. Provide a brief description of your intended use of the data product, your business needs, and the outcome you hope to gain.
  5. Place the order.

Access the data product

Depending on the delivery method, you can either download the files or open the URL to access the data product. Click refresh (Refresh icon) to receive delivery of pending orders.

To access the data product:

  1. Open the My Orders page.
  2. Find the data product.
  3. Access the data product by using the appropriate delivery method:
  • Download the files to your local directory.
  • For URLs, click the link to open the browser to the location of the item.

View your orders

You can view the status of your orders on the My orders page. You can view:

  • The order number
  • The data product name, description, and version number
  • Order date and order status
  • A list of the items in the data product with links to access each item

Consumers can view only their own orders on My orders.

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