Introduction to Data Product Exchange

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Data Product Exchange is a self-service platform used by data-driven enterprises to share data products. On Data Product Exchange, data producers publish curated data products to share with the data community. Data consumers easily access data products for their business.

In the secure Data Product Exchange community, business analysts and data scientists discover and evaluate data products that are packaged and curated by their peers. Data consumers quickly and easily access the right data using a familiar marketplace interface.

Data producers use the platform to package, productize, and share their data-rich assets. Data producers manage data as a product to provide more value to teams across the organization.

What is a data product?

Data products allow management of data as a product, with service contracts, delivery methods, and value propositions.

Data products are packaged and can contain one or more data or data-related assets. The assets in a data product can include, for example, data assets, reports, workbooks, dashboards, models, or tools. They are curated, packaged, and distributed to be easily accessible and reusable.

Data products are assigned to a designated owner who manages them through the draft, published, and retirement stages. Similar to other products, data products have a market demand, value proposition, and defined terms and conditions.

Data product producers

Data product producers use the full-service Data Product Exchange platform to create, publish, and manage data products that they want to make available to the data community.

When a producer publishes their data product, they assign a short description, business domains, and a data contract to guide consumers who are searching for a data product.

Data product consumers

Data product consumers use Data Product Exchange to search for and access data products that provide valuable data for finding insights. Consumers can read descriptions of the data product and decide whether it fits their needs.

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