Restoring from a secure backup

How to restore an appliance from a secure backup.

Before you begin

To ensure security, use the admin account to log on to the appliance. When logged on, quiesce the appliance to stop all active work on the appliance.

About this task

When you restore from a secure backup, the appliance, if not in secure backup mode is now in secure backup mode.

A secure restore does not merge data. The restore deletes all private data (certificates, keys, and user data) on the target appliance.


  1. In the search field, enter system.
  2. From the search results, click System Control.
  3. Locate the Secure Restore section.
  4. From the Crypto credentials list, select the identification credentials to decrypt the backup.
  5. In the Source field, enter the URL of the directory that contains the backup files.
    The supported file system locations are local: and temporary:. The supported remote location is an FTP server. For the FTP protocol, use the ftp://user:password@host/ format.
  6. In the Backup appliance model field, enter the machine type model of the appliance where the secure backup was created.
    Open the manifest of the backup image to find the machine type model. The following table lists the machine type model values for most, if not all, DataPower® products.
    Product name Machine type model
    DataPower Gateway 843652X (without HSM)
    843653X (with HSM)
    DataPower Service Gateway 719832X
    DataPower Integration Appliance 719942X
    DataPower B2B Appliance 719962X
    DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition 5725T09
    DataPower Service Gateway Virtual Edition 5725J90
    DataPower Integration Appliance Virtual Edition 5725J91
  7. Click Secure Restore.
  8. Follow the prompts.

What to do next

Log in to the appliance with the admin account and the admin password to change the password for this account.