IBM® provides options to run DataPower® Gateway in a variety of software-only form factors.

A virtual DataPower Gateway provides similar function to a physical appliance. Each form factor has inherent advantages and considerations that are specific to the deployment environment and its intended use.

You must understand the environment where you deploy. Resource requirements vary considerably with different services configured on a DataPower Gateway. Therefore, use care when you configure services.

When you change the host environment, your change can introduce subtle but important changes to both the operating system and the DataPower Gateway. When you change an active DataPower Gateway, it must be restarted for the changes to be recognized.

IBM provides the following virtual DataPower Gateway offerings.
IBM DataPower Gateway for Developers
This product is a no-cost offering that is available for running in only a Docker environment and does not include IBM Software Subscription and Support.
IBM DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition
This product includes IBM Software Subscription and Support and provides the following offerings.
  • DataPower Gateway for Docker runs as software in a Docker container.
  • DataPower Gateway for Linux runs as an application on a Linux host.
  • DataPower Gateway for VMware runs on a VMware hypervisors.