Enabling interface services

You can enable the XML management interface to provide external access to configuration and status data.

About this task

The XML management interface is accessible to authorized user. These users can access this interface to obtain configuration and status data and to define configuration data. By default, this interface uses HTTP basic authentication and SSL.

The XML management uses the xml-mgmt ACL. You cannot use a different ACL, but you can modify its configuration.


  1. In the search field, enter XML Management.
  2. From the search results, click XML Management Interface.
  3. Set the administrative state of the configuration.
  4. In the Local address field, enter the interface address the appliance monitors.

    To use a local host alias instead of a static IP address, click Select Alias. A host alias resolves a locally configured alias to a static IP address. Aliasing can help when you move configurations among DataPower® Gateway instances.

  5. Optional: In the Port number field, modify the UDP port the appliance monitors.
  6. Optional: In the Comments field, enter a descriptive summary.
  7. From the Enabled services list, select or clear the check boxes to identify which management protocols to support.
  8. Click Advanced to add the SSL profile and user agent you want to use.
  9. Optional: Click the SLM tab to modify the update interval between updates.
    This setting is meaningful when the XML management interface support the SLM endpoint.
  10. Click Apply to save the changes to the running configuration.
  11. Click Save Configuration or Save changes to save the changes to the persisted configuration.