Configuration data in a backup or export

The backup and export utility copies configuration data from the DataPower® Gateway to a file in the export: directory. You can download the file to your workstation.

To ensure that all other configuration data and files are exported, use the admin account.

Attention: Do not import configuration data from a later release to an DataPower Gateway that is running an earlier release. Between releases, configuration data for properties can change. In this case, the operation might report success, but the configuration data might not be the same. Therefore, use this utility to exchange configuration data among DataPower Gateways products at the same release and with the same features.
You can use this utility for the following operations.
  • Create a backup of the DataPower Gateways
  • Create a backup of one or more application domains
  • Export data for select configurations from the current domain
  • Copy or move data for select configurations between domains
The following configuration data is never exported unless you define the password treatment in the domain-specific domain settings configuration to obfuscate passwords.
  • User accounts
  • Password aliases

Cryptographic files for keys and certificates are never exported unless they are in the local: directory.

The following files are never exported.
  • Log files
  • Firmware files